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Open Source social networking

There seems to have been a lot of talk recently about using Open Source software for social networking, which has been something that has been at the back of my mind for quite a while now.  If you could take a web site and using the presence information and IM features from jabber, you already have the beginnings of a social networking or community site.

The main advantage I can see is that anyone could start their own social networking site, rather than joining one of the larger existing (closed source) sites or basing a community around a web forum (which I tend to avoid if at all possible).

Now if I can just properly gather my thoughts on this I would start some coding.

It's about time

I decided that I really needed to start making proper backups of the data on my server this week.  I did have a tape drive in the server at one point but I never remembered to change the tape, or indeed ever test the backups.

Now that I have a Linksys NSLU2 (a slug), which I bought to use as a local Debian mirror.  "Why not use it for backing up my important data?" I thought, so I leapt into action.  The first job was to replace the drive in the USB caddy with a 250Gb drive.  250Gb should be plenty for both the mirror and the backups, which is mostly source code, mail and photos.  After that installing and setting up rsnapshot was a snap.

It sure beats the "keep some stuff on my laptop" backup method I was using, which did save me from a major brain fade moment involving my Maildir folder.

I shall now wallow in the warm glow that only a backup provides.

Happy Birthday Debian

Debian turns 14 today, I have a little personal celebration lined up for tonight.  I'll be raising a glass to all those involved in making Debian what it is, and all those working on making Debian even better for the future.

Did you have your pancakes today?

To celebrate the 10th birthday of the `Debian Social Contract <>`_ I had my share of pancakes.

Did you have your pancakes today?

To everyone going to Debconf

I hate you all...   well except for the video team, and of course the people giving talks, and the people attending the  talks or the BOFs, and anyone else who makes it possible for me to see the talks without actually attending.

Ah well, hope everyone has a great time at debconf later this month in Edinburgh, and I'll maybe see you at future debconf if I can get the time off work.

The first duck was still firmly under his arm

Don't you just love the subject lines on spam.

First day back at work

First day back at work was "fun", it involved phrases like "Internet connection down", "BT line fault" and the all time classic "My email isn't working".

Do these faults always wait until just after a holiday to crop up?

And the best part is that I get to go back tomorrow for more "fun".

Switched to Drupal

Tonight I have replaced my Wordpress blog with a Drupal installation ( as some may have noticed due to my poorly timed test post ).

I was finding that Wordpress didn't make it easy to host much more than just a blog, what I wanted was a complete site and not just a blog.  So Drupal looks much more like what I need.

For now I have set up the blog part, the rest of the content will follow.

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