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The first duck was still firmly under his arm

Don't you just love the subject lines on spam.

First day back at work

First day back at work was "fun", it involved phrases like "Internet connection down", "BT line fault" and the all time classic "My email isn't working".

Do these faults always wait until just after a holiday to crop up?

And the best part is that I get to go back tomorrow for more "fun".

Switched to Drupal

Tonight I have replaced my Wordpress blog with a Drupal installation ( as some may have noticed due to my poorly timed test post ).

I was finding that Wordpress didn't make it easy to host much more than just a blog, what I wanted was a complete site and not just a blog.  So Drupal looks much more like what I need.

For now I have set up the blog part, the rest of the content will follow.

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