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Happy Birthday ORG!

The Open Rights Group is 3, and now has reached over 1000 fivers a month.  To celebrate ORG have issued each of the first 1000 members with web badges, I have added my ORG badges into the sidebar.

If you care about any of these:

  • Automatic Vehicle Tracking
  • Copyright
  • Creative Commons
  • Data Protection
  • DRM
  • e-Voting
  • Freedom of Information
  • Identity
  • Intellectual Property
  • Net Neutrality
  • Open Geodata
  • Open Source
  • Police Records
  • Privacy
  • Public Domain
  • Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act
  • Release The Music
  • RFID

visit the site and sign up to help reach them target of 1500 fivers a month by December.

Packaging workflow

After watching the Packaging with version control systems talk by Martin F. Krafft ( thanks debconf video team ).  I really want to update my packaging workflow, Martin's workflow seems too complicated to me.  I'd like to have a simplified version for my packages.  The question is though which VCS do I choose, I have experience of bzr but have never used git or mercurial.  Changing my packaging workflow is not something I want to be doing too often, so I would like to make the "right" choice from the outset.

So to that end I will be trying each major Distributed VCS, and looking at the associated packaging helpers to decide on which to use.  If you have any insight or opinions on this, please leave a comment or mail me.

Thanks Guys

Just over three weeks ago I started a new job, I left my position as a Network Manager to start a job as a Linux Consultant.  On my last day I was given a rather generous collection from everyone there.  The purpose of this post is to show everyone that the money was well spent, the picture shows the books and DVDs that I bought.

Thanks guys.

Switched back to Epiphany

Ah, back to Epiphany this week and I came to a realisation.  All of the time that I was using Firefox I had completely stopped using bookmarks.  Strange I know, but I had stopped adding or even using any of my existing bookmarks.  I would instead just leave pages open and let Firefox open them again each time it started.

It was during the switch when I realised that in order to continue with the pages I had open in Firefox I would have to bookmark them before I switched.  Now that I am back using Epiphany I'd like to let people know about my favourite feature, tag based bookmarks.  Instead of placing each bookmark in a folder, you simply tag each one like and a bookmark hierarchy is built automatically.

So if you haven't tried out Epiphany recently, or at all.  Please give it a try.

Now if I could just get Epilicious to sync with properly I'd be very happy.

Faulty cats

Daniel mine seem to like cheese and onion crisps.  So maybe the whole batch is faulty.

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