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Switched back to Epiphany

Ah, back to Epiphany this week and I came to a realisation.  All of the time that I was using Firefox I had completely stopped using bookmarks.  Strange I know, but I had stopped adding or even using any of my existing bookmarks.  I would instead just leave pages open and let Firefox open them again each time it started.

It was during the switch when I realised that in order to continue with the pages I had open in Firefox I would have to bookmark them before I switched.  Now that I am back using Epiphany I'd like to let people know about my favourite feature, tag based bookmarks.  Instead of placing each bookmark in a folder, you simply tag each one like and a bookmark hierarchy is built automatically.

So if you haven't tried out Epiphany recently, or at all.  Please give it a try.

Now if I could just get Epilicious to sync with properly I'd be very happy.

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  1. mrben
    mrben on 03/04/2008 9:52 a.m.


    FF3 contains tag-based bookmarking too, I believe. Oh, and you have an SQL error at the top of the post.

  2. David Watson
    David Watson on 03/04/2008 10:15 a.m.

    Thanks, that error only seemed to show when you are not logged in, I may never have seen it :)

  3. engla
    engla on 03/04/2008 12:16 p.m.

    epiphany and bookmarks

    I agree. After a long diaspora in firefox I too use and enjoy epiphany's bookmarks. I find especially the duplicate and similar bookmarks feature very useful. And if you forget a tag when you bookmark a page you just type ctrl-D again, merge with identical and make your changes.

    What epiphany needs (I use 2.20 atleast) is a better bookmarks editor to help the user do more postprocessing and sorting, and making clearing out cruft and organizing smart bookmarks easier.

  4. engla
    engla on 03/04/2008 12:24 p.m.

    dumping bookmarks

    another thought that came to me;

    Almost all bookmarks use is "this is interesting, I'll archive this" and you dump it into a huge container and know you can find it later, if you really want to. The problem is that filing and building the structure of this archive is not very interesting at that point so you just don't do it, and probably you will never get around to it. I have far too many different topics of interest so I have/had far too many firefox subfolders. I think tags help a bit with this, but what you really needed was a small web in your web, in the bookmarks. A web-like structure that linked the bookmarks together, just like the interesting string of links that brought you to the bookmarked site in the first place.

    So what I would look out for is something that encourages building a web among the bookmarks, both when filing them but mostly when browsing them.

  5. bdeferme
    bdeferme on 03/04/2008 10:30 p.m.


    Trackbacks don't seem to work?

    Anyway check my post about and their wonderful firefox extension at:

    P.S. Which drupal module are you using for the blog? I like the wordpress style url's...

  6. mailing list
    mailing list on 05/21/2008 10:47 p.m.


    Thanks for the Epiphany info, I'm definitely going to give this a shot. I've been using Firefox for years and was basically doing the same thing you were with my book marks. Sounds like tagging will be much easier.

  7. Sell
    Sell on 05/25/2008 8:44 a.m.

    Epiphany rocks

    I only started using Epiphany a few weeks ago. It's awesome.

  8. Annie Maloney
    Annie Maloney on 05/31/2008 1:50 a.m.


    Funny, I do the same thing when it comes to firefox. I have to actually force my slef to bookmark certain pages that I want because out of habit I will just let FF open then for me. I may look into this ephiphany though.

  9. Firefox Download
    Firefox Download on 06/09/2008 1:45 a.m.

    Firefox 3 Tagged Bookmarks

    While Firefox 3 does allow you to tag bookmarks, the TagSifter add-on below makes browsing your bookmarks by tags much more intuitive.

  10. sonix
    sonix on 08/03/2008 3:11 p.m.


    Smart bookmarks - the best feature of Epiphany , and it's just a more simple browser than FF

  11. xRapidSercher
    xRapidSercher on 02/16/2009 5:32 a.m.

    Funny, I do the same thing

    Funny, I do the same thing when it comes to firefox. I have to actually force my slef to bookmark certain pages that I want because out of habit I will just let FF open then for me. I may look into this ephiphany though.

  12. birthday sms
    birthday sms on 04/20/2009 6:59 a.m.

    Epiphany rocks.

    I have nothing else to say :)


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