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After watching the Packaging with version control systems talk by Martin F. Krafft ( thanks debconf video team ).  I really want to update my packaging workflow, Martin's workflow seems too complicated to me.  I'd like to have a simplified version for my packages.  The question is though which VCS do I choose, I have experience of bzr but have never used git or mercurial.  Changing my packaging workflow is not something I want to be doing too often, so I would like to make the "right" choice from the outset.

So to that end I will be trying each major Distributed VCS, and looking at the associated packaging helpers to decide on which to use.  If you have any insight or opinions on this, please leave a comment or mail me.

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous on 08/26/2008 4:43 a.m.

    Any, you'll be fine

    Choose any, really, If you already have experience with bzr, stick to it, it actually has a big acceptance between ubuntu packagers so that's a big plus.

    I would avoid git because its usability is not very good, but if you know enough people using it it's not that bad anyway.

    Personally I prefer hg, since it's probably the only one who balances usability, stability, performance and feature completeness very well, plus it has better support for Mac OS X and Windows than git and bzr. But as I said, for your purposes.

    Anyway moving from one to another is not a big deal for m

  2. martin f. krafft
    martin f. krafft on 08/26/2008 10:06 a.m.

    The goal is to make it simpler

    I hope I made it clear enough in my talk that I am perfectly aware that my workflow is too complicated. At this stage, I cannot see enough of the large picture, especially not across packages and version control systems (or even distros) to be able to simplify it.

    In as such, I would be very interested in your requirements and needs. Once you figured out what you are looking for, please make sure to write it up as a post (consider adding your feed to, or as a mail to our mailing list.

    As for choice of VCS, I can only agree with the previous commenter: it doesn't matter much. You know I like Git and it seems to me that Git is gaining popularity faster than the others in Debian, but they're all basically equivalent, so you should chose what you prefer, o

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