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Django Pony Power

I have just uploaded python-daemon to debian packaged by Ben Finney, that along with python-mock which has just left the new queue are the last of the dependencies needed for lamson (which I shall be uploading soon).

This is all part of a django hosting platform called kutoken I have been working on at work.  Kutoken went live today and to celebrate I have been given a discount code for people reading this blog.  Just enter 'dplanet' (without the quotes) during checkout and you will get 25% off your server for three months.  Check out the website for details of the server configurations and prices.

And after using Django at work for a while now, I have now rebuilt this site using django, and am now using a kutoken virtual server to host it on.

Operation DSLR is underway

After getting back from a holiday where I got quite annoyed by my point-and-shoot camera, I have decided to get back into photography again (yet another expensive hobby).  I am planning to buy myself a Canon 450D DSLR, so I'm having a fund raising ebay adventure starting with my nokia N810.  So if you are interested in buying one head on over to eBay and have a look.

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