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7 Day Photo Challenge - Day 7

Well here it is, the last shot in the challenge.  I've quite enjoyed it this week, I post a follow-up over the weekend with some more thoughts but for now the last image...


7 Day Photo Challenge - Day 6

Really ran short on time today, which I think is reflected in todays image.  In the end I just played around using the contents of my pockets.

Home From Work

I think I'd better start planning for tomorrow.

7 Day Photo Challenge - Day 5

Here is my shot for day 5, it is St. Patrick's day after all.

St. Patrick's Day

Only two more days left...

7 Day Photo Challenge - Day 4

I took a walk today during lunch and discovered this statue in a local park.


7 Day Photo Challenge - Day 3

And now for the third image this week, I'm not really too happy with todays shot, I will hopefully get outside during lunch tomorrow.


7 Day Photo Challenge - Day 2

Today is day 2 of my 7 day photo challenge, so here is todays shot of a glass of red wine.

Red Wine

It was quite interesting trying to find something to shoot for today, I tried several things but I eventually decided on this glass of red wine.

7 Day Photo Challenge - Day 1

I have challenged myself to take a photo every day this week starting today, I am doing this to force myself to spend less time working on my photos ( and to publish pictures more often).  I generally spend too much time playing with photos and seldom actually put them online for any one to see.

Here is todays shot of a rose I took this afternoon.


I would love to have people join me in this challenge, so I have created a flickr group for it.

Latest Shots

I took my newly purchased 50mm f1.8 lens to the Chinese New Year celebrations in Liverpool, I have uploaded a few shots to flickr.  I'm still getting used to getting my composition right without being able to alter the focal length.

Update: Fixed the white balance on the images to remove the blue tint.

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