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Project 52 - Week 23 - Portrait of a Jedi

Played around taking a portrait of an "old" friend this week.

Week 23 - Portrait of a Jedi

Project 52 - Week 22

Grabbed a shot of my brother's Pug trying to keep cool in the garden at the weekend.

Week 22 - Cooling Down

Project 52 - Week 21

I happened to have some Arum Lillies on hand this week after taking some shots for use by a local funeral director.  This is one of the shots I took once I had finished.

Week 21 - Arum Lillies

Project 52 - Week 20

I grabbed my camera this week while waiting for the Formula 1 qualifying to start.  The cats had made themselves comfortable on the couch, so I start taking a few shots.  This shot is Mog looking unconcerned that that I was disturbing his rest.

Week 20 - Mog

Project 52 - Week 19

Back indoors this week, took a shot of my wife, daughter and my own hands.  I wanted an image for our bedroom wall that represented our family.

Week 19 - Family

Project 52 - Week 18

As this week had another bank holiday, I took another trip out with the family.  Here is a shot of Swallow Falls in Betws-y-Coed.  While there I also shot some panoramic images of the falls which I may post later this week ( if it turns out ).

Week 18 - Swallow Falls

Project 52 - Week 17

This week I have a shot I took while visiting Beeston Castle.  This is the start of the path leading up to the castle itself.

Week 17 - Path to the Castle

Project 52 - Week 16

Having a relaxing long weekend, thought I'd take a shot showing one of the ways I have being spending my time (other than photography of course).

Week 16 - Taking a break

Project 52 - Week 15

Went for a walk around the park after a shopping trip this weekend.  Found several blossom covered trees and took some shot trying to find a good angle.

Week 15 - Blossom

Project 52 - Week 14

Took a trip to Delamere Forest today for a walk and to get a shot for this week.  I got a couple of shots I liked, so I decided to post an extra one this week.

The first shot shows a couple of rows of tree stumps in the lake.

Week 14 - The Lake

This image is the first shot I took today just alongside the car park.

The Forest

Project 52 - Week 13

Today I shot an image of a bear my daughter gave to my wife for mothers day.

Week 13 - Mothers Day

This week I am also including a behind the scenes shot that shows how cheap my home "studio" is.  In case you can't tell that is my bed with t-shirt covered boxes on it.  All the light for this image comes from the window.

After a little editing of the image the final outcome is what you see at the top of this post.

Project 52 - Week 12

Well, three months in and still going.  It's getting harder to find things around the house to photograph when I don't get the chance to get outside with my camera.

This image was shot in my makeshift home studio ( bedroom ) using only the light from the large window.  If anyone is interested I may post some behind the scenes shots next time.

Week 12 - Cats

Project 52 - Week 11

Almost a quarter of the way through the challenge now, and still going.  I'm back inside for this shot of a new box of coloured pencils this week.

Week 11 - Pencils

Project 52 - Week 10

I have two shots this week, firstly my project 52 image, called simply Daffodil.  The second shot is was also taken on the same trip around a local park, and I couldn't resist posting it too.

Week 10 - Daffodil


Project 52 - Week 9

Something a little political for this week.

I've also taken the low budget studio setup to a new level by adding a black t-shirt for the background. No expense spared.

Week 9 - Standing Alone

Project 52 - Week 8

Two months into my Project 52 challenge and still going.  I still didn't get outside this week, but at least I got a shot of something that "was" outside at some point.

Week 8 - Pink Gerbera

Project 52 - Week 7

Another week, another photo.  Still indoors this week, hopefully now that the weather is getting better I'll be outside more often.

Week 7 - Books

Project 52 - Week 6

This week I tried to improve on my lighting technique.  For this shot I used the light from a window and some pieces of white card as reflectors.

Week 6 - Watch

Project 52 - Week 5

Today the Chinese New Year celebrations were held in Liverpool City Centre, I went with my family.

I wanted to get some shots of the dragon parade, but this year it seemed to be a lot more crowded than previous years.  The shots I did get of the dragon were mostly obstructed, so I chose one of my other shots from the day of one of the many lanterns decorating china town.

Week 5 - Lantern

Project 52 Week 4

Managed to grab a few shots of my brother's Pug in the garden in one of the rare moments it stood still.

Week 4 - Spuggy

Project 52 Week 2

I spent this week making a list of as many ideas I could think of, so when I got to the weekend I would at least have something to work from.  I've always wanted to take some black and white shots of my bass guitar to use as a desktop wallpaper, this is the one I liked best

Week 2 - Bass

New photo challenge

This year I have decided to start a new photo challenge, Project 52 - To post one photo a week for the whole year.

I didn't give myself much time to get the first photo shot, so I looked around the house for something interesting.  In the end I settled on using my Wife's Jelly bean dispenser.

So now I have started, only 51 more photos to go.

If you are starting a similar photo challenge, let me know.  I'd like to follow along and get some fresh ideas, then steal them. ;-)

Week 1 - Cinnamon

Update: Just noticed that comments weren't working, they are fixed now.

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