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It's about time

I decided that I really needed to start making proper backups of the data on my server this week.  I did have a tape drive in the server at one point but I never remembered to change the tape, or indeed ever test the backups.

Now that I have a Linksys NSLU2 (a slug), which I bought to use as a local Debian mirror.  "Why not use it for backing up my important data?" I thought, so I leapt into action.  The first job was to replace the drive in the USB caddy with a 250Gb drive.  250Gb should be plenty for both the mirror and the backups, which is mostly source code, mail and photos.  After that installing and setting up rsnapshot was a snap.

It sure beats the "keep some stuff on my laptop" backup method I was using, which did save me from a major brain fade moment involving my Maildir folder.

I shall now wallow in the warm glow that only a backup provides.