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Switched back to Epiphany

Ah, back to Epiphany this week and I came to a realisation.  All of the time that I was using Firefox I had completely stopped using bookmarks.  Strange I know, but I had stopped adding or even using any of my existing bookmarks.  I would instead just leave pages open and let Firefox open them again each time it started.

It was during the switch when I realised that in order to continue with the pages I had open in Firefox I would have to bookmark them before I switched.  Now that I am back using Epiphany I'd like to let people know about my favourite feature, tag based bookmarks.  Instead of placing each bookmark in a folder, you simply tag each one like and a bookmark hierarchy is built automatically.

So if you haven't tried out Epiphany recently, or at all.  Please give it a try.

Now if I could just get Epilicious to sync with properly I'd be very happy.

Open Source social networking

There seems to have been a lot of talk recently about using Open Source software for social networking, which has been something that has been at the back of my mind for quite a while now.  If you could take a web site and using the presence information and IM features from jabber, you already have the beginnings of a social networking or community site.

The main advantage I can see is that anyone could start their own social networking site, rather than joining one of the larger existing (closed source) sites or basing a community around a web forum (which I tend to avoid if at all possible).

Now if I can just properly gather my thoughts on this I would start some coding.