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Django Pony Power

I have just uploaded python-daemon to debian packaged by Ben Finney, that along with python-mock which has just left the new queue are the last of the dependencies needed for lamson (which I shall be uploading soon).

This is all part of a django hosting platform called kutoken I have been working on at work.  Kutoken went live today and to celebrate I have been given a discount code for people reading this blog.  Just enter 'dplanet' (without the quotes) during checkout and you will get 25% off your server for three months.  Check out the website for details of the server configurations and prices.

And after using Django at work for a while now, I have now rebuilt this site using django, and am now using a kutoken virtual server to host it on.

First day back at work

First day back at work was "fun", it involved phrases like "Internet connection down", "BT line fault" and the all time classic "My email isn't working".

Do these faults always wait until just after a holiday to crop up?

And the best part is that I get to go back tomorrow for more "fun".